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By completing both courses you will be taking one big leap closer towards becoming a happier, healthier, more productive and more relaxed you.

You will have learned:

  • How to meditate and why meditation is so beneficial for your health and productivity
  • How to build a killer morning routine to start your day with a bang, increase happiness, make progress towards your goals and fill your cup up before your day has even begun
  • Natural remedies and techniques to help relieve stress and anxiety symptoms
  • How to live a holistically healthy life (mental, emotional & physical health)
  • How to boost energy and reduce feelings of "busyness" during your week
  • How to shift your mindset and overcome limiting beliefs

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Journey to Calm Meditation Course

Journey to Calm Meditation Course

By completing this course you will learn how to meditate and relieve stress & anxiety in 14 days.

You will also learn:

  • How anxiety & chronic stress impact our health and stress relieving activities you can do to combat it
  • About natural remedies you can add into your weekly routine for stress relief
  • How to build a positive and un-shakeable mindset by overcoming limiting beliefs and using positive affirmations, gratitude and mindfulness.
  • About the importance of self-care and some easy things you can do during your week to feel happier and fill your cup up again
  • How to Meditate and what you need to know before getting started
  • How to maintain a good posture to improve the quality of your practice
  • How to choose a meditation pose that suits your body and improves comfort and focus
  • Simple techniques to create a Meditation room that you love and that heightens your meditation practice
  • Simple ways to reduce back & joint pain
  • How to build a fool-proof Meditation Routine in just 14 days.

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Journey to Happiness Course

Journey to Happiness Course

In addition to some of the topics covered in the Journey to Calm Course, you'll learn...

  • About the science behind what makes people truly happy from the inside out
  • How to create your dream life and Identify areas of improvement
  • How to create a meaningful vision board that can help to motivate you and keep you on track towards achieving your biggest goals
  • About Meditation and why it can be beneficial for overall health, happiness and productivity
  • About Holistic health and why having a healthy mind, body and soul is critical for overall health & happiness
  • Gain insight into whole foods and how much sleep, exercise and water you should be having/doing each day.
  • How to build a killer morning routine in 21 days to improve health, happiness, life satisfaction and productivity.

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Course Bonuses
Combined Course Bonuses

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1) Mindfully Happy Handbook

2) An Introductory Guide to Holistic Health

3) The 21-Day Morning Routine Checklist

4) The Introductory Guide to Meditation

5) The Meditation Poses for Beginners Guide

6) The Meditation Room Checklist

7) Access to the Finding Happiness Private Community Group

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